Ticket Workflow

Please see section 3.1 to know more about ticket status.

The ticket workflow is as follows:

  1. A new ticket has default status as ‘Unanswered’
  2. The status changes to ‘Answered’ when staff replies to the ticket.
  3. The status reverts back to ‘Unanswered’ when customer adds a reply to the ticket.
  4. Once Staff team is convinced that ticket has been answered to customer’s satisfaction, they can change the status to ‘Archived’
  5. At any point if customer replies to ‘Archived’ ticket the status changes to ‘Unanswered’.
  6. Staff can keep a ticket ‘Unanswered’ while replying by checking ‘keep unanswered’ option.

Please see the flowchart below to understand the ticket workflow better:


Manual update options for staff

Apart from the auto-change features, all staff members have an option to edit the status either from the Status dropdown present in ticket’s Web UI or from the ticket’s backend.

(Refer 3.4 Ticket Web UI Point 11 or 3.5 Ticket Admin UI Point 6 for details)