Class Rtbiz_Company

Just like Rtbiz_Contact, Rtbiz_Company is also inherited from Rtbiz_Entity.


static $primary_email = 'account_primary_email'

This key is used to store account’s primary email in meta.



Constructor method for the class.

@uses Rtbiz_Entity::__construct()            - rtBiz core. Calling parent class constructor.
@uses Rtbiz_Company::setup_meta_fields()    - rtBiz core. Settings up meta fields for company.
@uses add_action()                        - WordPress core. To add init action for initialize entity i.e., company.

This method defines all the meta fields needed for Company entity.

@uses apply_filters()    - WordPress core. To define new filter hook.

@defined rtbiz_get_company_meta_fields    - Custom WP Filter to add extra fields for company.


add_filter( 'rtbiz_company_meta_fields', 'my_custom_company_fields' );

function my_custom_company_fields( $fields ) {
    $fields[] = array(
        'key' => 'company_pan_number',
        'text' => __( 'PAN Number' ),
        'label' => __( 'Company PAN Number' ),
        'is_multiple' => false,
        'type' => 'number',
        'name' => 'company_pan_number',
        'description' => __( 'Enter Company PAN Number' ),
        'category' => 'Contact',
    return $fields;

Overridden from Rtbiz_Entity parent class. It is adding JS codes for email validations & other features.


Overridden from Rtbiz_Entity parent class. Here all the meta values will be saved for Company.

@param $post_id int - WordPress Post ID

@uses rtbiz_is_primary_email_unique_company() - rtBiz Core. Checks for unique email.
@uses Rtbiz_Entity::get_meta()                    - rtBiz core. Gets meta value of Company for given meta key.
@uses Rtbiz_Entity::delete_meta()                - rtBiz Core. deletes meta value of company for given key.
@uses Rtbiz_Entity::add_meta()                    - rtBiz Core. add meta value for company with given key and value.
@uses Rtbiz_Entity::update_meta()                - rtBiz Core. update existing meta value.
@uses Rtbiz_Entity::save_meta_values()            - rtBiz Core. Calling parent method for this class.
post_table_columns( $columns )

Modifies the columns array for new sequence for Company List Table, i.e., Country, Products, etc. This method is overridden from Rtbiz_Entity parent class.

@param $columns array - Existing columns for Company List Table.

@return $cols array - New columns for Company List Table.

@uses Rtbiz_Entity::post_table_columns()    - rtBiz Core. Calling parent method.

Manages additional columns mentioned above.

add_company( $name, $note, $address, $country, $meta )

Adds new company in the database.


Returns companies post objects if found according to arguments passed and empty array if not found.


@param $meta_array // additional meta array for company CPT

This filter can be used to add additional custom meta fields.

@param $cpt_labels // Company post type CPT array

This filter is used to change company post type labels.