Refund Policy

Note: This refund policy only applies to products purchased through our store.

All our products comes with a “30 Days, No Questions Asked, Full Money Back” guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied and happy with every product you purchase from rtCamp.

If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, you can request a refund from premium support page.

Though it’s optional, if you can provide us any feedback about our product that you have tried, it will help us improve our products going ahead in future.

Special cases

“Installation Support” Product

Installation support is non-refundable if we can get the base product running on your server. Though if we fail to install our product, we will refund for installation support and product also (if product is paid).


“Ongoing Support” Product

Any ongoing support plan is non-refundable. We will try our best to solve your issue so that you will be encouraged to renew your ongoing support plan. But at the same time, issues on servers could be beyond our reach or require some workaround from your developer.


Refund Timeframe

Once a refund request is accepted, we try our best to process it as soon as possible. But in some extreme cases, it may take upto 15-20 days for refunded amount to reflect bank into your credit/debit card or bank/paypal account. Refer timeframe

Rest assured, we always offer full refund and 90% refunds were processed within 1 week from our end. 🙂

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.