• A contact is the core entity in rtBiz.
  • It represents an employee/user/customer/vendor.
  • Each contact can be assigned to a team member.
  • Any reference of contact represents an entity in rtBiz, which may or may not be a WordPress user.

Contact Groups

The contacts are categorized by taxonomy as below:

  1. Employees
  2. Vendors
  3. Customers

These three groups are the default ones which will always be there in the system. You can define your custom groups as well.


The contacts can also be segregated based on Products. These products can be populated in two ways:

  • Manually, by adding terms of your choice.
  • Products module has a nice feature of syncing products from your WordPress e-Store (WooCommerce / EDD) with these Product terms.

Contact Connections

A contact make various connections. These connection will appear based on the rtBiz modules installed with rtBiz core.

The possible connections are listed below:

  1. WordPress Users
  2. Teams
  3. Products
  4. Companies
  5. Leads
  6. Tickets

Contacts List View

The contact list view includes the following columns:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Group
  3. Author
  4. Assigned To
  5. Company
  6. Date
  7. User
  8. Phone Number
  9. Email ID
  10. Lead
  11. Ticket