The rtBiz dashboard is a collection of useful widgets. You can find various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along with reporting charts.

These widgets give you a generic overview of your rtBiz system and activities happening within.

It will show various chart distribution based on the attributes assigned to the contacts & their terms.

NOTE: Ideally, according to current implementation; whenever any attribute is mapped with Contact CPT, a chart report for that particular attribute will be added as a dashboard widget in rtBiz Dashboard.

rtBiz Dashboard looks similar to screenshot below



1. Welcome Widget


The welcome widget consists of quick links which will help you in getting started with rtBiz. The links are for importing contacts, adding teams, setting access controls and some quick actions which you can perform after installing rtBiz.


2. Contacts by Products

This chart displays the contacts (in %) who are associated with available products.



3. Contacts by Teams

This chart displays the contacts (in %) who are members of particular teams or are not categorized.