There’re a bunch of settings that rtBiz offers on its settings page that enables you to run your site well with rtBiz.

To access the settings, click rtBiz > Settings from the admin dashboard of your site.


The General tab allows you to configure very generic customization of rtBiz.


Product Sync Option

This option is related to your e-commerce store. Be it WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads; rtBiz supports both ! What it does is, keeps the products from your store synced with a custom taxonomy called Products. This taxonomy stays available globally within rtBiz environment. So you can link up your customers with your products. And there are many things you will want to map with your products that’s possible

Contact Importer

This option allows you to import WordPress users to rtBiz contacts.

contact- importer

Mailbox List

This shows the mailbox accounts configured in Helpdesk.



This is the section from where you can take backup of your rtBiz settings for future reference. You can also import previously saved settings.

1. Import:

You can import rtBiz settings. You need to have a json string from the backup. Either you can paste the string in textarea of Import from file option or you can directly give url that returns json string of settings from Import From URL option.

2. Export:

There are three ways to export rtBiz settings.

- Copy the whole JSON string of settings
- Download the JSON file containing settings
- Copy the URL that returns JSON string of settings

Import/Export Settings