rtBiz-Helpdesk Hooks


  • rthd_followup_classes

    This filter will allows uses to add their custom classes Parameter are $comment_type_class and$comment_id

  • rtbiz_hd_filter_adult_emails

    This is used for filtering adult tickets emails Parameter are $bccemails and $post_id.

  • rtbiz_hd_locate_template

    This filter is used if you want to change helpdesk default templates. Parameter are $template, $template_name, $template_path

  • rthd_email_template

    This filter is used to change email template of rtbiz-helpdesk. Parameter is $path of email template.

  • rthd_ticket_front_page_login_url

    This filter is used to change login url. Parametereter is $login_link and $current_page_link

  • rtbiz_hd_support_form_shortcode

    This filter is given to modify support form markup. Accepts Parameter $markup and $attr.

  • rthd_before_email_body

    This filter is to add markup before email body.

  • rthd_after_email_body

    This filter is to add markup after email body.

  • rtbiz_hd_support_from_product_title

    On support form we show default project as Choose Product and if you want to change that you can use this filter. Parameter $product_string.


  • rt_hd_after_ticket_information

    Called after ticket information box ui render on backend. Parameter $post.

  • rthd_update_attribute

    Allows to update custom attribute. Parameters are $attr, $post_id, $newTicket

  • rthd_render_attribute Allows to change custom attribute. Parameters are $attr, $post_id, $edit
  • rthd_render_taxonomy

    Allows to render taxonomy. Parameter are $attr, $post_id, $edit.

  • rthd_render_meta

    Allows to render meta. Parameters are $attr, $post_id, $edit.

  • rtbiz_hd_user_purchase_history

    Renders purchase history of user on frontend. Parameter $post_id.

  • rthd_dashboard_add_meta_boxes

    Dashboard add metabox para $screen_id.

  • rtbiz_hd_after_dashboard

    Calls after dashboards are rendered.