Notification Email Setup


Notification Emails

Admins can customize email notifications for following members:

i. Customer

User who raises a support request by sending an email to the Helpdesk mailbox or by filling the support form.

ii. Assignee

The staff member assigned to the ticket.

iii. Staff

Other staff members who can subscribe to the tickets and get notifications.

They can make themeselves the Ticket Assignees by clicking Assign Me link below the Assignee dropdown. (Refer 3.4 Ticket Web UI for details)

iv. Group

Members who will be notified of the events that occur in HelpDesk System.

Admin can set up a global list of users who will be notified of the events occuring in the system.

Global list emails could be added and removed as shown below


Enable/Disable Notification

1. Enable

When notifications are enabled, following notification events are enabled by default. You can always customize the events based on your preferences

i. Notification Events for Customers

These are the notification settings used for customers/clients/ticket creators


ii. Notification Events for Assignee

When a customer creates a ticket, assignee will get notifications as per the following settings:


iii. Notification Events for Staff Participants

These are the notification settings used for Staff participants who subscribe to the tickets assigned to some other staff member/ Assignee.


iv. Notification Events for Global List users

These are the notification settings used for global list users


2. Disable:

All email notifications will be disabled on selecting this button.


Customize Notification Emails

Admins can customize the notification emails as per their requirements.

Email Signature

A custom email signature can be added here which will be added in every email sent with the Helpdesk plugin.