Setup Wizard

After installing and activating Helpdesk, the Setup Wizard will guide you to set up and customize the Helpdesk system.

You will see the screen as below:


Installation Steps

1. Support Page

Here you need to select a WordPress Page to be used as a support page.

i) Select from existing pages

From the dropdown, you can select any page already there in your site to be used as the support page.


ii) Create a new Support Page

You can create a new support form page by clicking on ‘Create New Page’ and enter the name of the page in the textbox and click Next button.


2. Connect Store

i. Connect WooCommerce and EDD Products

In this step, you can connect your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Download Products (EDD) store with Helpdesk.


ii. Create Custom Products

You can also create custom products by checking the ‘Custom’ checkbox and entering the name of the product as shown in the screenshot below.


3. Setup Your Team

You can setup your support team in three ways

i) Search and add users

Search and add WordPress users as shown in the screenshot below 3_setup_your_team

ii) Add all users from domain

You can use this option if you want add all the WordPress users who have similar domain name.

iii) Add all WordPress users

Using this option you can import all the WordPress users into Helpdesk Staff, in a single click. You can assign Helpdesk roles to all these new staff members from the options.

What are Helpdesk Roles?

The Helpdesk roles are like WordPress roles with some differences (For details you may refer to Staff and Roles)

Helpdesk Admin

Can manage all tickets and Helpdesk settings.

Helpdesk Editor

Can manage all the tickets. No access to settings.

Helpdesk Author

Can manage only the tickets assigned to them. No access to settings.

No Role

Users with no role in Helpdesk have no access to the Helpdesk backend. These users can only access the front end of the ticket to which they are assigned to.


4. Set Assignee

An assignee is a staff member to whom the product tickets will get assigned. You can set ticket assignees for each of the products from dropdowns as shown in the screenshot below


5. Mailbox Setup

Mailbox is required by Helpdesk for:

  • Sending emails/ notifications to the customers and staff.
  • Creating tickets directly by sending emails to the set mailbox.

i) Add a Mailbox

You can set Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook/Hotmail and other custom accounts as mailboxes as shown in screenshot below


ii) Set Assignee and Product for each Mailbox

For every mailbox you can choose the products and assigned staff members from the dropdowns as shown in the screenshot below

  • Select Folder – Click Select Folder button next to a mailbox.
  • Select Products, Assignee – Every ticket created using this mailbox will be for the product chosen in Select Product dropdown and assigned to the staff member chosen in Select Assignee dropdown.
  • Save – Click Save button to save the values. You have the option to modify them later in Mail Setup settings.

mailbox setup

iii) Outgoing Mail Setup

Click on Next and add a name for the Outgoing Emails and select the mailbox from the mailboxes created by you in the previous step.


Error Message

If you receive an error message while testing connection, you should do the following:

6. Finish

Click finish to complete the setup.

To update any settings, you can visit the settings section from the Helpdesk menu.