Staff are the members of the support team which are part of an organisation which has setup Helpdesk for its customers.

To reach to Staff page click on Staff menu item under Helpdesk menu.The staff page will look similar to the screenshot below:



A) Name

Shows the names of the staff members

B) Teams

You can group staff members in various teams. This column displays the teams of which the staff members belong to. One member can be a part of multiple teams.

C) Tickets

This displays the number of tickets associated with the staff member.

1. All

Clicking All displays all the staff members.

2. Admin

Clicking ‘Admin’ will show the staff members who are Helpdesk administrators.

3. Editor

Clicking ‘Editor’ will show the staff members who have Helpdesk editors.

4. Author

Clicking ‘Author’ this will show the staff members who are Helpdesk authors.

Edit Staff Page

Clicking on any staff member’s name leads to the Edit Contact page where editing could be done.

Here Staff’s name, emails, tickets, Helpdesk Role, Teams are displayed and could be updated by Heldpesk Admin or Editor.

The page looks similar to the screenshot below


Screen Options

Using Screen options in the top right of the page, you can customize the columns display and the number of staff members to show in the page.