rtBiz Helpdesk Staff Guide

What is this Helpdesk all about?

rtBiz Helpdesk is WordPress based support system, build to manage your customers’ queries. Built with perspective of ‘users-first’, Helpdesk will deliver the ease for managing tickets.

Who can use this manual?

This manual is prepared for the Helpdesk staff/support team members.

What does it includes?

The manual covers the step-by-step guide to use helpdesk; introduction of all the entities like ticket, statuses; introduction to reporting features; and other related aspects.

Are there any prerequisites before reading this manual?

No. This manual covers everything that you need to know about this tool.

What level of WordPress knowldege is needed to work with this manual?

Since Helpdesk is based on WordPress so a basic level of WordPress knowledge is recommended.Though the manual aims to be as simple as possible and covers all aspects required.

How to use this manual?

This manual is divided into various topics and sub-topics. All these topics are listed on the left-pane. You have to find the related topic and click on it to read more about it.

How to get information that might be missing in this manual?

Please reach your site admin for any Helpdesk queries.