Ticket Admin UI

Backend of the ticket follows WordPress posts’ native behaviour and UI. ‘Ticket’ is basically a custom post type. Below is the screenshot of how a ticket looks on the back end


1. Ticket Number

Every ticket is assigned a unique number.

2. Ticket Title

The request subject set by the ticket author.

Shows the permanent link to the ticket

4. View Ticket

Clicking it displays the ticket web UI. (See section 3.4 for Web UI details)

5. Public Reply or a Staff Note

Staff members can add a reply to the customer using Public Reply tab or can add internal staff notes using Staff Note tab. Staff notes will not be visible to the customer. wysiwyg

6. Ticket Information

i) Assignee

The staff member to whom the ticket is assigned.

ii) Status

Based on the state of the ticket the ticket status can be ‘Answered’, ‘Unanswered’ or ‘Archived’.

iii) Created By

Customer who created the ticket.

iv) Created On

Timestamp when the ticket was created.

v) Last Reply On

Timestamp when the ticket was last replied to.


7. Products

The product for which customer has created a ticket. Can choose from the products already added or add new product as shown in the screenshot below


8. Participants (Customers)

Ticket Author, Subscriber and staff members can add participants to the ticket from the front end (For Details see section 3.4,Point #14).

Also staff members can edit the participants list and add new ones by clicking on Create Connections link as shown in the screenshot below.


9. Participants (Staff)

Option for staff to add other staff members who are related to the ticket or who might want to get updates for the ticket. You can select existing staff members by entering their names in the text box.


10. Purchase History

Shows the order history of the customer.


Option for staff to connect to tickets. Auto-suggestions can help staff to find a Related Tickets easily. Auto-suggestions works for ticket ID, ticket title and ticket content.


12. Teams

You or other staff members can mark the tickets to be a part of appropriate teams. You have an option to add new teams as well.


13. Blacklist Contacts

Staff can directly blacklist a contact from the ticket itself. Previously they had to reach admin to get the contacts blacklisted.


14. Attachments

List all the files that have been added to a ticket. Apart from the front end, staff can add files to the ticket from here too by clicking Add button.


15. Screen Options

Staff can add more options or remove existing ones as per requirement. Can also adjust screen layout and editor preferences from the Screen Options area in top right of the page.


16. Publish

Click on Update button to publish or update the ticket. There is also an option to delete the ticket by clicking Move to Trash.