This section lists the products of an organization. It includes products sold using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download plugins and custom products created using this section or while setting up the Helpdesk (Ref Section 1.1 Setup Wizard, Point 2)

Click on Products menu item under Helpdesk to open the Products section. It looks similar to the screenshot below


Custom Products

Any products created in WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads will sync with Helpdesk Products section. You can also create custom products as shown below

Steps to add new custom products

1) Name

Add any name for the product

2) Slug

The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. Slug will be generated automatically after Adding a new Product

3) Parent

From this dropdown you can choose the parent product for new product or you can keep the default value.

4) Description

Here you can add some details regarding the Product. This is an optional field.

5) Helpdesk Default Assigneee

You can select the default staff member for the Product tickets. This dropdown will list the available staff members. The staff member choosen here will be assigned to the tickets created for this Product.

This product assignee will override the default assignee set in the General Settings. (Ref Section 7.1. General for details)

This is also an optional field.

All Helpdesk Products will be visible in Choose Products dropdown in the support form (Ref Section 7.1. General for details)


A) Name

Names of product/products will display here.

B) Description

Details of the products are shown here.

C) Count

Displays the number of tickets associated with the particular products.

D) Product

Shows the Product id for Woocommerce or Easy Digital Download products.

E) Helpdesk default assignee

Any ticket related to the products will be first assigned to the default assignee. The assignee is set during the initial setup of the plugin. (Refer section 1.1 Setup Wizard, Point 4 for details)

You can easily update the default assignees from this page by doing a mouseover on Product and quick editing.


Screen Options

Screen Options in top right of the page gives you the choice to display the desired columns and number of products you want to show per page.