Introducing Email Only Support with rtBiz Helpdesk

rtBiz Helpdesk is perfect for giving support to your customers from your WordPress dashboard. Its web interface makes it very easy for staff to give support and manage tickets.

But many of our Helpdesk owners wanted to make the customer side of experience a little more personal and simpler. This is why we are adding email-only support to rtBiz Helpdesk plugin.

Email Only Support

The idea is to let customers get support without leaving the comfort of their mailbox. They would no longer require to create an account on your Helpdesk or login to create tickets.  All Helpdesk communication will now be like a regular mail communication.

This means it will be easier for your customers to communicate with your staff, without knowing about the Helpdesk layer. This makes the support experience more personal and unique.

See this video to see the email-only support in action:

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There is also support added if you want to make your Helpdesk  Email Only or Web only or Email+Web.


We are constantly adding new features to rtBiz Helpdesk to make it more productive for your team and easy for your customers to use.  We will marginally increase the cost with every major feature we release. So with this release, the plugin price will be revised to USD 39 from 1st September, 2015.  We hope you will love the new features we will be adding constantly.  ūüôā

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Get More from Connected Mailboxes in rtBiz Helpdesk

We have just rolled out a rtBiz Helpdesk update. Over the past month, we have taken some customer feedback and have added some useful and helpful features to rtBiz Helpdesk. Additionally we have even enhanced some of current features for a better user experience.

Select Assignee and Product for every Mailbox

The Helpdesk admin can now select an assignee and product for tickets created from mailbox emails. This means, now you can add multiple mailboxes for your different products with dedicated assignee for each of them.

rtBiz helpdesk mailbox selections

Outgoing Mailbox Selection

This is an enhancement that will be really helpful when you have multiple mailboxes configured and want to have same mailbox to send emails from which incoming mails are coming from. Previously, all outgoing mails had pre-defined global e-mail address.

Customer Name on the Ticket Listing

Now in the ticket listing, your staff can also see the customer who has created the ticket. This will make it easy if staff wants to find ticket of any customer.

rtBiz helpdesk ticket listing

Other Updates

Some updates under and just above the hood to improve performances. Plus some really subtle UX updates to the ticket interface.

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Releasing Gravity Forms Importer for rtBiz Helpesk


The Helpdesk plugin helps you create support tickets, manage tickets, reply to them and see nifty integrations with popular e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads.

But before you start using rtBiz Helpdesk, you might be wondering what happens to the data you collected via forms before you used rtBiz Helpdesk. To make things easy, we are introducing Gravity Forms importer as part of settings on rtBiz Helpdesk.

How to use Gravity importer in rtBiz Helpdesk

  • On your website’s WordPress Dashboard, look up Helpdesk Settings -> Gravity Importer.
  • Select any existing Gravity Form from the dropdown and click on ‘Next‘.
  • Map the form fields with help desk elements.
  • Import previous Gravity Form entries.
  • Can choose or choose not to import future entries in the gravity form automatically.
  • To make things easy, only when Gravity Form plugin is installed, the setting tab for gravity importer will not be shown. Else it will remain hidden.

Check out this video tutorial on using Gravity Importer settings on rtBiz Helpdesk

Look up Gravity Importer documentation here.

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Introducing the Helpdesk inside WordPress

rtHelpdesk-logoAt rtCamp, we sell WordPress products and over the last few months, we have been working on improving how we give support to our premium customers. A big part was to create a solution inside WordPress, so our developers who gave support did not have to use a 3rd party solution.

Today, the project is mature enough for us to proudly introduce it as a WordPress premium plugin.

Who might like to use rtBiz Helpdesk?

If you have a WordPress site, run an e-commerce business using WooCommerce or EasyDigitalDownload and want to have a Helpdesk plugin that integrates with your product list, order numbers and customers – rtBiz Helpdesk should interest you.

Get the WordPress Advantage

You can install rtBiz Helpdesk Installation on your WordPress Dashboard, just like any other plugin. It has a easy setup wizard will make this installation quick and easy.


Almost everything about this plugin has the WordPress feel to it. So if you are familiar with WordPress, you will find all features and interfaces extremely easy to recognise and work with.

Integrate WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads


rtBiz Helpdesk seamlessly integrates with various sections of these two plugins. So as an Admin you will find ‘tickets’ references¬†across various backend sections.Your customers will¬†have quick options to create tickets and see the ticket they have created.

Handle Tickets at the Front End


Replying to questions or tickets created by your company becomes a lot easy when your support staff can simply use the front end of the ticket instead of the dashboard.

Also you can add others to the ticket, write a comment thats available only to the staff along with seeing¬†a summary of the customer’s purchased products.

Email Support


You can configure multiple mailboxes for different products, enable reply via email and tickets can be created using a particular email address and email notifications on tickets are created.

Unlimited staff, unlimited customers, unlimited tickets


You can add any number of users to this Helpdesk. There are no upper limit for  number of tickets, customers or products.

See the complete list of features here.

Pricing and Demo

The introductory price is $19 USD for a single site license. The costs includes support. Try out rtBiz Helpdesk at the Demo website.

Links:  Buy Now | Demo